Why Put a Cool Car in a Hot Garage?

A Better Garage Door Insulation Solution!

Garage Door Spray-On InsulationDid you notice how hot your garage was this summer? Most garage doors are thin corrugated sheet metal that not only provides zero insulation but actually becomes a huge heat sink that blasts heat into your garage while the sun is shining on it. This is especially true for westward-facing doors.

We have had customers asking if we could help with this exact issue, and we always answer "No Problem!" There's nothing special to do, just use LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation the same way you've applied it to your vehicle in the past with the Sprayer that you already own. Simply tape or foil off the areas where you don't want LizardSkin and quickly spray your way to a cooler garage!

LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation comes in white and black and can be easily topcoated with another color if you'd like. To see how much you'll need for your garage door, just put your square footage into our How Much Do I Need Calculator.

Call us at 800.549.0042 or check out the LizardSkin shop to order yours today!

LizardSkin Spray-On Insulation

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