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Jayco Greyhawk


"We just applied the LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation coating to this Jayco Greyhawk, as it came straight from the factory without any other insulation. The factory only applied a house carpet over the transmission between the seats. When their dog sat on the floor, it was so hot, it was panting. The owner was very happy when we completed the project with LizardSkin CI. They tell us the camper is quieter and the heat is 100% less! Another happy camper!"

-- Jason

1941 Willys

"We completely encapsulated the entire interior with LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation and Sound Control. It makes it so much better to drive. It's so quiet and with the insulation, it's very cool inside."

-- Ron, York Springs, PA

1947 Ford


"CalFabz built my 47 Ford and they only use LizardSkin to beat heat and noise. After seeing both coatings in action, LizardSkin is the only thing I’ll use in future builds. I’m looking forward to a cool and quiet ride this summer."

-- Bubba

1935 Ford Coupe


"I am impressed with how well LizardSkin dampened the sound of the bare metal, sealed over the factory body seams, and encapsulated the whole body surface. I can say there is a remarkable difference now compared to what it was in 1960-61 when I was in high school running a '48 Merc flathead then a '55 Olds. I recall the heat given off from either of those engines transferring thru the original Ford firewall, insulation was extreme to say the least. I like the application being a spray-on product used for both interior and exterior surfaces, verses cutting and fitting a mat to fit the interior metal surface sections only. If I recall I used two containers of each. My next project is my wife's 66 Chevelle, so I'll be in touch. Thanks a lot for clueing me in on LizardSkin."

-- D. Lockhart

1960 Cadillac Sedan

    LizardSkin used on 1970 Cadillac

"We used it front to back through the floor and trunk. LizardSkin is an amazing product!"

-- Bill, Texas


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