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Green/Black 1973 Dodge Challenger


"I saw a demo at a car show of both the sound control and ceramic insulation and decided that if it worked half as good as the demo it would be great. The cost of installing the LizardSkin was cheaper than installing other types of insulation and sound deadeners so I went ahead and had Custar HotRods do the installation. All I hear from people is you won't believe the difference. I have a simple saying when it comes to cars 'do it right, do it once.'"

-- Kirk

39 Chevy Sedan

“We’ve used LizardSkin® in a ’37 Chevy Sedan, ’39 Lincoln Zephyr, ’48 Chevy pickup and ’40 Ford so far. Every vehicle that comes out of this shop will have LizardSkin® Ceramic Insulation in it.”

-- Dan Newnan, Georgia

Sprinter Van


“LizardSkin is amazing. Do you know how nice it is to drive in what was once basically a big metal drum and actually be able to use the phone? I can now hear my customers loud and clear and they can hear me. That helps me gets business done.”

-- Colin

The Sound System

“LizardSkin® was easy to apply and works much better than others in keeping my car cool inside. The deadening effects also made the sound system much greater and clearer. Thank you for a great product.”

-- Dave Denver, Colorado

1950 Mercury Hardtop

“Best heat insulation I have ever found”


SuperPro Application Kit

This kit provides exactly what’s needed for professionals and hobbyists to easily apply LizardSkin coatings.

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Glossy Top Coat

LizardSkin TopCoat improves durability and also provides a glossy finish.

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