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1934 Chevy Sedan


"We applied it to the inside surfaces of the body and to all underside panels including the transmission and driveshaft tunnel.  I am really impressed at how well the heat control product works.  The car has no carpet or other insulation on the floors and the surfaces remain only warm to the touch after extended driving/cruising.  Great stuff!"

-- Jay S., North Carolina

34' Ford 3W Coupe

"Best product in the world, I will never build a car without it"

-- Breece, Hudsonville, MI

1932 Modified Sedan Racecar


"The heat in my car was terrible until I applied LizardSkin CI. A great benefit is that I was able to top coat it to match my exterior paint."

31 Ford Victoria

"LizardSkin is an awesome product for both keeping the interior cool and quieting down the noise. It’s one of the best things we did for this car."

-- Art & Ana, Carson City, NV

1951 Chevy Suburban

"LizardSkin is by far the best product for making your car quieter and cooler, as it made our Suburban very comfortable to drive. We will never build another one with out it."

-- Dave & Denise, Norco, CA


SuperPro Application Kit

This kit provides exactly what’s needed for professionals and hobbyists to easily apply LizardSkin coatings.

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Glossy Top Coat

LizardSkin TopCoat improves durability and also provides a glossy finish.

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