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1933 Ford Coupe

"I drive thousands of miles a year going to Car Shows. There is nothing out there that can quiet and cool your car like LizardSkin can."

-- Mike, California

1927 "LRHC" Roadster Pick Up

"LizardSkin keeps my "LRHC" Roadster Truck Cool and Quiet, use this product once and you will never use anything else."

-- Bill, Pottstown, PA

1931 Ford Coupe

"I used LizardSkin because I can get into all of those little corners and crevices where the other stuff can't go or won't stay."

-- Ken, Geneva, OH

1934 Ford, Builder Showcase Car – NSRA Nationals

"There is simply nothing better than LizardSkin, especially on a build like this...."

-- Chip, Pottstown, PA

1968 Ford Mustang

"We used LizardSkin SC & CI on the entire inside of the car, roof, cowl, doors, and floor. It helped control the interior temperatures and makes the AC not have to work so hard. It also gives a really solid sound to the doors when they close."

-- Miles, California


SuperPro Application Kit

This kit provides exactly what’s needed for professionals and hobbyists to easily apply LizardSkin coatings.

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Glossy Top Coat

LizardSkin TopCoat improves durability and also provides a glossy finish.

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