Off Road Vehicles

Whether you are slinging mud or climbing mountains, heat and vibration can become serious issues while off-roading. LizardSkin’s coatings are a great solution and an easy way to thermally insulate and dampen sound in 4X4s.

If you own a brand new Wrangler or an old CJ-7, LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation is your answer to beating the heat. Newer jeeps transmit solar radiation from the sun through their fiberglass tops, making interiors very hot. Older models usually don’t have anything to protect you from the heat from the engine, transmission tunnel or exhaust system. Applying LizardSkin CI to any of these areas will help keep your interiors cool and comfortable, not to mention your feet!

Larger off-road vehicles, like Broncos and Blazers, can have the same heat trouble as their smaller cousins, but also suffer from intense vibration from larger engines. Apply LizardSkin Sound Control to dampen those annoying vibrations and make your treks into the wilderness more enjoyable.  Removable roofs don’t usually come with any insulation; make sure to apply LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation on top of LizardSkin Sound Control for complete protection against heat and noise.

Off Road Vehicle Coatings    4x4 Insulation Coatings

4x4 Vehicle Insulation Coatings

No matter what type of 4x4 you drive, LizardSkin coatings are a great way to protect the entire interior from moisture and corrosion, and can be used with or without carpeting. Since both coatings are tough and durable, they can be used as an undercoating to protect fenders and wheel wells from starring and denting from rocks kicked up from the tires.

Don't plan on using carpet but want a glossy appearance? Check out our TopCoat product!

LizardSkin coatings are also perfect on:

  • Floorpans
  • Transmission Tunnels
  • Firewalls
  • Removable roofs and fiberglass tops
  • Door panels
  • Rear quarter panels

LizardSkin coatings may be coated with a urethane topcoat to enhance durability. Visit our “How Much Do I Need” page to find out how much product is recommended for your build.

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SuperPro Application Kit

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Glossy Top Coat

LizardSkin TopCoat improves durability and also provides a glossy finish.

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